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Bitcoin Breaks Past $18,000 As Rally Continues

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price today hit $18,000, an increase of 5% over the past 24 hours. Overall, the weekly price has increased by 0.74%, ending the week at a slightly better place than it started. Around $18,000, Bitcoin is in a less tempestuous place than it was earlier...

ECB Lays out ‘Reinvention of Money’ Strategy

Executive Board member Fabio Panetta also presented the European Central Bank’s vision for ensuring “efficient, inclusive and secure payments in the Digital Age.” Panetta described the European Central Board (ECB) vision at the Future of Payments in Europe conference...

No, You Can’t Buy Shares in Bitcoin

With bitcoin going through an extended bull-run, scammers and con artists have been on hand to exploit a general fear of missing out (FOMO). Many early adopters of bitcoin became multi-millionaires by simply holding the digital asset. New Scam Tactic Consequently,...

NFTs: A Revolution for Digital Capitalists

When most people think about non-fungible tokens (NFTs)—cryptocurrency tokens that are provably unique—they conjure up images of virtual trading cards and digital art marketplaces. But it turns out that there’s a lot more to the frothy financial asset than that. The...

NY Times Examines Coinbase Racism Accusations

Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong and the company’s ‘all-star culture’ leave the company open to accusations of racism.  Coinbase, the largest American cryptocurrency exchange by volume, was the subject of a Nov 27 New York Times article on racial issues at the...

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