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Coinbase loves crypto so much they want to give you some for free just for taking your time to learn more about it. The videos they prepared on Bitcoin, Eos and other top Cryptocurrencies are not only informative but fun to watch. By the end of each 5 minute lessons you feel like you really learned something and the best part, you get paid to do it. No strings attached. You can even convert it to Bitcoin immediately and sell it if you feel inclined. Don’t take our word for it, visit Coinbase and start earning ASAP.

XRP is a Security, Says Prominent Crypto Lawyer

Anderson Kill partner Stephen Palley tweeted that XRP is a security and shared other crypto insights. To XRP or not to XRP Hindsight is highly variable. I mean, it's not like in the moment you saw everything clearly. So the hindsight is 20/20 platitude always...

Flare Community Approves DOGE

The Flare Community has voted on Twitter that they like DOGE. Could the memecoin become the next asset to enter the Flare ecosystem? #Doge $Doge— Flare (@FlareNetworks) January 21, 2021 Doge Added to Flare? The team behind the long-awaited XRP airdrop over December...

Puff Bar Implements Vechain, ETH, and BCH

Puff Bar, one of the largest disposable vape companies in the US, announced the integration of cryptocurrencies into its product offering. Puff Bar announced on Jan. 23 that it was implementing a variety of blockchain solutions in its business. The first of these...

Why Polkadot Is The Hottest Crypto In China

It’s not a secret that in China, Polkadot resembles a newer, better EOS, the public blockchain that swept the Chinese crypto ecosystem in 2018.  Both projects have inspiring foreign—in particular Caucasian leaders—who frequent China’s blockchain conferences and...

DeFi Coins Boom as Crypto Market Recovers

Hoooorrayyyy!!! Profit for everyone in the crypto market today, which today is a sea of green in these choppiest of choppy waters.  Coins that power decentralized finance protocols performed the best, but in a day of profit for all that concludes a week of heavy...

AAVE Hits New All Time High Price

With the continued rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), some of the top applications are seeing major price growth. As the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi hovers around $25 billion, some of the top DeFi projects are seeing record prices. AAVE is one such project....

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