YouTube Crypto Purge

YouTube and Google’s deliberate purge of crypto and trading content continues, and a Pro Blockchain Media channel is the latest to be struck.

Pro Blockchain Media Channel argues that their content is purely educational and there is no harmful or dangerous content broadcasted from their official YouTube channel.

Crypto Media Channels are Targeted

The channel creators even got the support of Ivan on Tech, well-known crypto and blockchain educator whose channel was temporarily blocked, preventing him from uploading useful content that’s beneficial for the growing crypto community.

His channel has over 250,000 subscribers but has been accused of sensationalizing content and sometimes shilling blockchain projects while offering information-only content.

Crypto and blockchain commentators argue that YouTube’s purge is rushed and uninformed.

It is retrogressive and would do more harm than good despite their attempts to block content deemed as financial advice and therefore harmful to consumers.

YouTube appears to be targeting what their algorithm deems as sensationalist content. However, even as the purge continues, they don’t give any specific reason explaining their decision.

They flag content deemed as “harmful and dangerous”, further reeling the community and channel owners.

YouTube: “We are curbing Problematic Content”

Specifically, YouTube algorithms seem to target sensationalist content and, in their aim of curbing problematic content, resort to penalizing creators.

When Ivan on Tech was blocked, for example, he was barred from uploading new content for a week and live-streaming for three months, an inconvenience.

The wave of channel blocking was met with an outcry from the wider community. YouTube admitted that it was a mistake.

Google Play Banned MetaMask

Last year, Google Play temporarily banned MetaMask, a browser wallet built on Ethereum, citing user protection against cryptojacking.

Google Play is one of the leading app stores used by billions of Android smart phone users across the world. It is controlled by Google, which also controls YouTube, a video sharing platform.

Responding to this, MetaMask said:

“If left banned, we will work on other ways of bringing our services to users still stranded on the Android platform while they migrate to something freer. The story will not stop here, and it won’t stop with the Goliath winning.”

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Source: Coin Gape