No doubt XRP has taken a hit during the 2018-2019 crypto bear market. As bitcoin dominance hits new highs many are declaring the death of altcoins… something that seems like capitulation 🧐.

As Baron Rothschild would say, “Buy when there is blood in the streets…”.

The Coin Savage Index currently holds a ~14% allocation to XRP based on unique catalysts and an analysis of the XRP/BTC chart.

Given the trading history of the XRP/BTC pair we can see several descending triangles that signaled key reversals to the upside. The first in December 2017. Currently we see a potential short term bounce to the .00004 BTC level then a potential selloff into Jan 2020. That’s when things get really interesting… a longer term descending triangle completes in late January / early February 2020. That could reverse into a huge rally for XRP to the $4 level if BTC continues its march to $20,000.




Fundamental Catalysts into 2020:

1. Ripple, R3, and initiatives under xSpring continue to find ways to seed and integrate XRP into the digital landscape.


2. Ripple has MoneyGram using XRP and more potential deals in the works.


3. Ripple has political access into the 2020 election.

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