The World Health Organization (WHO) recently warned the globe to take precautious measures on contagious banknotes that could cause more spread of the coronavirus.

In line with that recommendation, the Central Bank of South Korea is taking action to curb the spread of the virus through contaminated banknotes, according to a Reuters report.

The move was deemed necessary after South Korea had confirmed 196 new cases of infected victims by the coronavirus, with a total of 6,284 infected victims. This gross spread has led almost 100 countries to impose restrictions on South Korean travelers.

Cash on Quarantine

South Korea’s central bank says it was quarantining banknotes for two weeks to remove any traces of coronavirus and even burning some as part of efforts to stem the outbreak.

As if that is not enough, the bank also said they are putting currency notes through a high heat “laundering.” This is a usual process note follows before they are released for circulation.

And for every cash coming to the central bank from local banks, the Bank of Korea will keep it in a safe for two weeks. Being that the virus usually dies out after nine days, then the notes would have been disinfected before the two weeks elapse.

Media reports in China had also announced its government instructions to lenders to disinfect and store banknotes in a dry place for seven days as part of the battle against the virus.

Cryptocurrencies Save the Stress

All these battles of stress and wasteful elimination of banknotes by burning them won’t have been necessary if the globe agrees to adopt the idea of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies inherently save the stress of getting money disinfected from the virus as there is no way crypto can get infected, seems both transacting parties can do so without any physical contact.

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Source: Coinfo mania