Voyager announced that their trading application had gone offline due to increased demand, but things are back to normal now.

Voyager announced on Twitter that it had experienced an issue with demand on the Voyager application, which had customers panicking. However, the company reiterated that funds were safe and it was simply a matter of upgrading their system to handle the influx in volumes. 

The application has since restored service and users can now make use of the Voyager app again. 

The issues began on Jan. 29, as the company tweeted about issues being experienced due to an increase in volume. Voyager stated that the issues related to an increase in new accounts as well as trading volume. Voyager also stated that the app needed to be re-stabilized and that user funds were safe. 

App functionality finally restarted in full with the company stating that all new accounts would be added to a wait list feature. The function means new users will wait until the company has the available resources to attend to the new accounts. 

Voyager was able to resolve and update the app to resume trading. The issue, however, also created a backlog in support tickets likely due to the downtime. 

The surge in new members and trading volume is likely due to the current bull market that the cryptocurrency industry is experiencing. 

Robinhood Users Jump Ship

The activity matches with the recent news of stock brokers such as Robinhood halting the trading of certain stocks. Robinhood also recently halted the trading of DogeCoin following a 200% surge in price.

The halting of trading on the popular stock broker platform did not go down well with users. 

Robinhood has been credited for introducing the gamification of trading. This essentially makes it easier for traders to operate the platform. 

The success of Robinhood, however, appears to be coming to an end following the halting of trading. 

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Voyager has seen an influx of traders moving to its platform.

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