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Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON Foundation, has been known around the cryptocurrency space as someone who loves the hype train. He has jumped on every opportunity to pump TRX, including setting up a botched lunch with Warren Buffet. Given his love for the spotlight, Crypto Twitter has become inimical to most of his announcements.

The latest in Justin Sun’s pump attempts was announcing an initiative that positions TRX as a solution for adult actresses and models to receive payments from Pornhub.

For further context, news broke out last week that PayPal won’t be processing payouts for the popular adult content website — a decision that would potentially leave hundreds of thousands of models and performers on the platform stranded.

Giving the opportunity that this brought, the TRON Foundation and Justin Sun immediately swooped in to promote TRX. The latter came out with guns blazing to declare to all Pornhub models that TRX is their solution.

A couple of days later, the TRON Foundation tweeted that it provides payment integration for Pornhub, meaning that performers could now get paid with TRX.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for the gaffe in this to be spotted.

Replying to the company, Udi Wertheimer, a popular Bitcoin commentator and host of the Reckless Review podcast, pointed out that models needed help receiving payments — not making payments. PayPal had blocked payouts from Pornhub; a problem that the TRX integration can not solve since it can only be used to send payments to Pornhub.

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For a person who loves to promote, it has been suggested by many that Justin Sun should learn to pump the brakes. Several attempts at building anticipation for TRX this year alone have failed — including a $4.6 million offer to have dinner with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, an arrangement which ultimately fell through and for which Sun had to apologize.

However, not all of his announcements are meaningless. Earlier this year, Samsung added support for TRON, thus providing support for the asset and other TRC20 tokens.

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