Tron CEO Justin Sun Makes another Big Bet Despite Failing in First

From cancelling the Buffett lunch, to getting slammed by Digibyte CEO Jared Tate, Justin Sun seems to have a knack for becoming the object of crypto Twitter’s attention. This time, he offered to help cash-strapped Ethereum developers, but he got trolled by the crypto community even while he was trying to do a good deed.

Ethereum Developers Struggling For Funds

Nina Breznik, an Ethereum developer, recently tweeted that the Ethereum Foundation was planning on stopping the funding of its internal teams next year. As per the thread, Breznik has been working with Ethereum for 3 years. She worked on Remix project for 2 years, and joined PlayProject last year.

She also shared the details of the other Ethereum projects she had worked on in more tweets, and that the Ethereum Foundation was stopping the funding of the youngest projects first. As per the thread, Breznik’s project’s funding  was stopped on the 1st of December, and other projects can also expect to see a cut in their funding in the next year.

She concluded her tweets requesting for partners, grants and co-branding opportunities.

While the veracity of the claim that the Ethereum Foundation is cutting funding for projects is not yet confirmed, other blockchain projects jumped at the opportunity to sign on the Ethereum team.

Justin Sun’s Attempt to Help

Justin Sun retweeted Breznik’s team, inviting Ethereum developers to migrate their work to Tron.

He tried to turn Ethereum’s loss into Tron’s gain and it did not sit well with Ethereum supporters. From pointing out that the value of Tron had been continually falling to reminding him of the Buffett lunch to advising him to fund projects which were already using Tron, the crypto community left no stone unturned in trolling Sun.

Twitter user Chjango Unchained mocked Sun that he only wanted to employ Ethereum developers so that he could become the CEO of Ethereum.

Source: Twitter

GetDrunkisFunny predicted a grim future for Tron and Justin Sun – Tron disappearing and Sun going to prison for money laundering and fraud.

Source: Twitter

Altcoin Junkie advised Sun to fund projects that were already supporting Tron.

Source: Twitter

The angst of the community against Tron and Justin Sun could be stemming from the fact that TRX and other coins from Justin Sun’s projects – BTT and WIN have shown a dismal performance in the last year.

Despite the Tron network having over 4 million accounts, and having nearly double the number of active users than EOS and ETH at 200K, the coin’s upward price movement has been sluggish. The coin had hit a YTD high on in June when its price had reached $0.0386, but now, it is trading at $0.0144, over 60% below the YTD high.

BTT, is trading at a mere $0.0003, 83% down from its May 2019 all-time high of $0.0018. The condition of WIN is not too different either. Its rank on CoinGecko is well below 100 and its market cap is a mere $21,779,725. The coin is trading $0.0001.

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