Top Crypto Analysts Slam Goldman Sachs Wild Bitcoin Calls; Price Spikes Past ,100

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The crypto Twitter space is on a ravaging fire, as Goldman Sachs report dismisses Bitcoin’s value as an asset class for investors. The negative attention from the big-four bank, however, has not scared the bulls with the price of BTC/USD soaring into the $9,100 resistance levels in the early hours of New York’s trading desk opening.

Goldman Sachs Bashes Bitcoin’s Abilities As An Asset Class

Top U.S bank released its U.S private wealth Economic outlook report on May, 27 looking at the implications of the current set policies in inflation, gold, and digital currencies i.e. Bitcoin. In a wild dismissal of the largest cryptocurrency, Goldman report claims that BTC and other cryptocurrencies do not qualify to be classified as an asset class.

In leaked slides from the upcoming call with investors on inflation, gold, and BTC, the bank gives several reasons why BTC cannot be classified as an investment asset including the high volatility, lack of cash flows, and non-exposure to global economic growth.

However, in response to the claims, top crypto analysts and personalities across the industry have come forward defending BTC.

Crypto Giants Blast Goldman Sachs Harsh Claims

The crypto community did not take the calls of a “Bitcoin bubble” lightly some analysts calling out the bank’s lack of understanding of the technology. Goldman’s declaration of BTC not being an asset was criticized by Gemini co-founder, Cameron Winklevoss, who taunted the “lack of deep knowledge” by the bank’s reporters as Bitcoin gained commodity status back in 2015.

Cameron’s twin and Gemini’s CEO, Tyler Winklevoss, dismissed the bank’s comments given the widespread adoption of BTC already happening. He tweeted,

“Goldman Sachs aka Bankers aka Wall Street still don’t get (or want to get) #Bitcoin. It’s ok, because everyone else does.”

One crypto analyst and early BTC developer, Jameson Loop urged the retail buyers to get on BTC as the banks lag behind.

Bitcoin (BTC) Spikes Past $9,100 On GS’ News

The report by Goldman Sachs turned out positive on Bitcoin’s price, as BTC/USD spiked from the pits at $8,800 before the NY markets opened to intraday highs of $9,197. The bank may have given the top crypto more exposure through the presentation.

Chart showing BTC/USD spike after Goldman Sachs report became public (Source: TradingView)

Moreover, Godman’s response to Bitcoin (BTC) may signal a possible influx in the interest shown in crypto by the bank’s institutional and retail clients.

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