The World Health Organisation (WHO) has sent a warning across the globe that banknotes may be spreading the new coronavirus, so people should try to use contactless payments instead.

This obviously means that the use of the common fiat currency is another means whereby the spread of coronavirus could increase. Hence, citizens cannot do without making one or two transactions involving money in their daily lives.

The UN agency had warned that;

Customers should wash their hands after touching banknotes because infectious Covid-19 may cling to the surface for several days.

The spread of the new coronavirus through banknotes had as well been acknowledged by the Bank of England and has urged the public to make washing of the hand a constant practice after holding a note.

Regular Washing of Hands Vs. Adoption of Cryptocurrency

It can be deduced from the report on the warnings of the World Health Organization that two remedies have been proffered to curb the spread of the virus through banknotes, which is regular washing of the hands and use of contactless technology.

Practically, washing hands regularly to prevent the spread is a partial way to prevent this spread as the contaminated banknote could have touched another part of the holder’s body without his or her notice.

Even if the person washes his or her hand, it won’t stop the contamination in this case.

The idea of washing hands regularly might even be skipped sometimes because a person could forget to do it at a particular time.

It is very much realistic to say the avoidance of banknotes entirely through the adoption of cryptocurrency is a complete and total remedy to the spread of the virus through the holding of money.

Coronavirus is a very deadly disease that caused the loss of many lives; as such, total avoidance of the virus is much preferable to partial means of prevention.

Whereby the adoption of cryptocurrency comes in to be the best choice for the public; therefore, it is awkward but correct to say that the new coronavirus has brought more chances of fame to the cryptospace.

Meanwhile, it is also crucial to note that the spread of the virus at the same time could slow crypto adoption, with global blockchain events now being postponed until the situation is resolved.

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Source: Coinfo mania