Switzerland licensed financial technology solutions provider, SEBA Bank, has launched a new investment business, together with an index for digital currencies aimed at addressing the issues of traditional market value-weighted indices.

According to the announcement, the SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX) was launched in a joint effort with the European index administrator, MV Index Solutions, and also with Gentwo Digital.

In addition to allowing optimized diversification of cryptos, the new index comes as a risk-optimized index, featuring a broad market exposure of the crypto-asset market to make index investments interesting for the digital investment market, per the report.

The banks, via its Investment solutions, hopes to offer investors the highest possible security to guarantee that they are confident enough in the new and complex market environment of cryptographic assets.

“With our product and investment expertise, we enable our clients to tap the new potential of digital asset classes with familiar rules from the existing financial world,” Daniel Kuehne, the Head of Asset Management at SEBA Bank AG, added.

Notably, the Index investment has proven to be an ideal vehicle for digital currencies to achieve a broad exposure with transparent diversification rules. It also gained a foothold in financial markets over the past decade, as reported.

SEBA started offering institutional and professional private clients a comprehensive range of services in the field of digital assets earlier in November, and announced plans to grow its clients to a “three-digit” number by the end of the year, as Coinfomania reported on November 13.

The bank is planning to carry out a security token offering (STO), by Q1 of 2020, which would probably increase its capital, with plans to bridge the gap between the crypto space and traditional banking.

Guido B├╝hler, the CEO of SEBA Bank, expressed confidence that the bank would open hundreds of new accounts from cryptocurrency enthusiasts and other prospective customers in the first few weeks of operation.

Source: Coinfo mania