The Winklevoss twins-owned cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, Gemini has on-boarded Julian Sawyer from Starling Bank, to oversee its operations in the United Kingdom and Europe.

According to the announcement on Wednesday, Julian will work as a Managing Director in charge of expanding the firm’s services across the UK and European markets.

Speaking on interest to bring its trusted platform to this pioneering region of the world, Gemini noted that Europe and the UK had remained a market with many modern financial innovations. 

The idea for thoughtful regulation could be traced to lessons learned in these markets over centuries, the company said. “Our ethos — to ask permission, not forgiveness — was a first in the crypto industry and both honors and continues to build on Europe and the UK’s tradition of thoughtful regulation.”

As reported, Julian was the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Starling Bank, one of the largest mobile banks disrupting the retail banking sector in the UK. He also managed the business operations and led the bank through the periods of hyper-growth.

Additionally, he worked with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) as a management consultant, and Ernst & Young, where he managed the large-scale transformation in the cards and payments industry.

Meanwhile, the appointment of Julian today adds to the list of senior officials who recently joined Gemini, all in an effort to “build the future of money and bridge the island of crypto to the mainland of finance.”

In September, Coinfomania reported that Gemini appointed Noah Perlman in his expertise at Morgan Stanley to work as a new Chief Compliance Officer, leading its Compliance Program, which began in October. 

In the same month, Gemini launched an expanded state-of-the-art custody solution, dubbed Gemini Custody™, which supported 18 digital currencies. Tyler Winklevoss noted that it meets the complex and high-stakes needs of modern financial institutions.

Source: Coinfo mania