Leading open-source cryptocurrency processor, BTCPay Server announced today that it had launched a new desktop app to augment its existing products and offer more privacy and security to users.

The new app dubbed BTCPay Vault will simplify the process of users being able to spend funds that they receive on the BTCPay Server. 

Instead of leaking private financial information to a third-party server while integrating an external wallet for spending bitcoins, BTCPay had introduced an internal wallet system with support for a limited number of hardware wallets (namely Ledger and ColdCard).

However, the new ‘Vault’ solution reportedly promotes a more seamless experience for spending funds on integrated hardware wallets and also is compatible with more devices, including Bitbox, Trezor, and KeepKey.

In explaining more precisely how the new feature work, today’s announcement noted that a user only needs to grant permission to the BTCPay Vault desktop application, to allow external hardware integration.

Once the integration is complete, users can spend funds without their private keys ever leaving the hardware wallet from which they’re transacting from. There is also a guarantee that no data leakage will occur.

Development of the new security-oriented feature was reportedly led by Nicolas Dorier, who spoke to Coinfomania in September regarding their easy to set up and completely free to use crypto payment processor.

BTCPay Server is fully open-source and recently received a $100,000 funding from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto. You can read a summary of the interview with the BTCPay lead developer, Nicolas Dorier.

Source: Coinfo mania