The royal Los Angelina showcases her first digital concert for her most loyal fans driven by a message for the entire music industry. BeInCrypto is proud to be a media partner of the event, debuting virtually April 17, 2021. 

Los Angeles, CA — March 17, 2021 — Queen George, the Los Angeles-based pop artist, today announces her first digital concert produced exclusively for her NFT holders.

Her unique digital experience will debut Saturday, April 17 at 6 PM PT as an ode to what has felt like an overdue performance stifled by the pandemic and global lockdowns.

Her celebratory conference aims to shed light on the graphic designers, musical artists, and the overwhelming movement that has stemmed over the last few months thanks to the explosive demand for blockchain-based digital collectibles and live music.


Only those who collect her majesty’s NFTs are granted this exclusive digital experience. The concert will introduce new songs, iconic covers, and a musical production like no other.

Anyone who craves artistic connection, live music, and the desire to interact on an intimate level with others globally is invited to attend. Tickets go on sale in the form of NFTs on Saturday, April 5, 2021, at 5 PM PT, for more details visit the official Queen George website.

“I’ve built up nearly 10,000 hours on stages throughout my life and this recent global shift has forced me to transition from a physical stage to cyberspace,” said Queen George.

“There’s nothing that I miss more than performing for the fans that I love most and what better way to reconnect with them after so long than allowing my most loyal listeners to own a piece of my future and giving them a kickass show?”

From being on American Idol and recording tracks with legendary musicians like bassist Nathan East, guitarist Omer Fedi, RnB producer Jonah Christian, and others, Queen George is tapping into the hearts of the NFT community with a message to this next generation: “own your shit.”

The Queen added, “Unlike a lot of what the NFT market has been seeing, I want to make my NFTs affordable for the sake of allowing the mass audience to enjoy the music and be included in this new digital age.“

“I want people to know that they can build their own monarchies, their own Queendoms, and have full control over their choices and the systems they get involved with all thanks to the power of Web3.”

The NFT is in collab with up and coming design agency “That’s Nice” fueled by independent designer Lee Zlicha who’s taking charge of the visual experience and capturing the essence of Queen George in her limited digital collectables.

That’s Nice CEO and Founder Lee Zlicha added, “It’s such an exciting time right now to take part in the NFT space. NFTs have made it possible for artists and creators to have a platform that cuts out marketplaces and dominant players and is 100% fueled by the community.”

“Our goal with this project is to be able to connect with fans on a personal level and create a unique visual experience that can essentially last forever. NFTs change everything and the best part is, there’s absolutely no limit to what we can create! ”

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About Queen George

Who is she? Queen George may be a Los Angelia at heart, but this fearless dame is the product of special places, sounds, and cultures. Decisive and mysterious, she may not be an open book, but she will definitely read yours.

Coming from a lineage of badass women, Queen George redefines the modern-day monarchy by glamorizing daily life; turning lemons into lemonade. You will be left feeling enamored and forever curious. Long live the reign of the alter ego.

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