A federal court in Abuja, Nigeria approved the rollout of the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC), the eNaira.The decision was disclosed Oct. 2 by Justice Taiwo Abayomi, state-run broadcaster Voice of Nigeria reported SundayThe Central Bank of Nigeria had previously received a cease and desist letter concerning the name “eNaira” from ENaira Payment Solutions, which claimed a trademark infringement.The court ruled that the rollout of the CBDC was a matter of national interest and should proceed. However, it also set a date for a further hearing on Oct. 11, Voice of Nigeria said.The digital currency was originally set to be launched on Oct. 1 but was postponed until Oct. 4 in deference to the former date coinciding with the country’s 61st anniversary of independence.Read more: Nigeria’s CBDC: The Good, Bad and Ugly
Original Source: coindesk Nigeria Court Approves CBDC Rollout: Report