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Poloniex Exchange recently announced the acquisition of the TRXMarket, a decentralization crypto exchange. Since the Justin Sun, a leading stakeholder who stands to benefit from both entities, it raises a lot of criticism in the market.

Financial and crypto analyst, Mati Greenspan raises a well-founded doubt,

How exactly does one acquire a decentralized exchange?

Moreover, his advertising attempts are far too misleading. “Largest decentralized exchange based on #TRON network,” seems like a bit of a stretch. Shapeshift and Binance DEX are more prevalent in the crypto mainstream.

Justin Sun tweets,

The largest decentralized exchange based on #TRON network, #TRXMarket was acquired by @Poloniex.

As reported earlier on CoinGape, Justin Sun had more previously kept the Poloniex stakeholding news a secret. He confirmed the suspicion at the time of Tron’s listing on Poloniex.


Don’t get me wrong, Justin Sun is putting a lot of effort into finding a use case for his crypto project and increasing its viability. The acquisition by Poloniex also had a positive effect on Tron [TRX] Price. It gained 14% in the last two days. This can be attributed to the fact that the DEX requires the TRX wallet for registration. This is similar to Binance DEX, where a BNB wallet must be used.

trxusd bitfinex
TRX/USD 1-Day Chart on Bitfinex (TradingView)

Furthermore, his endeavors surely make it the mainstream media and holds the TRX community together. His $4.2 million marketing stint with the lunch with Warren Buffet earlier this year is the most prominent example of it. Whether or not the lunch was canceled due to Chinese police intervention at the same time, it is still a controversy.

The future of Poloniex

The current engagement with Poloniex, however, involves a $100 million investment as Justin Sun ups the ante. Poloniex Exchange is reasonably popular in the crypto media. Apart from spot trading, its primary product is futures trading of altcoins with respect to Bitcoin, and lending.

Justin Sun’s plans for increasing the viability of TRX via Poloniex seems like a plausible plan. However, it could backfire as they could lose focus on the cryptocurrency markets at large.

Last but not least, decentralized exchanges are rarely used. Despite its’ offering for decentralization, investors still rely on open source wallets and centralized exchanges for trading purposes. The DEX market is new and hasn’t caught on as investors are stuck with their earlier platforms.

Do you think that Poloniex and Tron will be able to rise to levels of Binance? Please share your views with us. 

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