The CEO of the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, was recently in an interview with Julia Chatterley of CNN, where he shared which cryptocurrencies he holds. He further revealed how confident he is on the long term bullish run of Bitcoin and other major digital currencies. 

Tron is a billion-dollar decentralized blockchain platform which basically proves the founder’s belief in cryptocurrencies. Justin Sun said he owns a diversified crypto portfolio. He said he converted all his assets to cryptocurrencies in 2013, and only exchanged his crypto to fiat if only he needed to spend money in his everyday life.

He told Chatterley that owns lots of the Ethereum (ETH) and the Ripple (XRP) too and other different digital assets as well, which is an indication of his desire to want all the crypto assets to succeed since he is a long term believer in crypto.

Justin Sun’s Prediction on Bitcoin Price

Justin Sun did not just declare his bullishness on the success of cryptocurrencies in the nearest future. He went further to predict what he believes would be the price of Bitcoin by the end of the next four years.

He said he is confident that bitcoin would pass $100,000 in 2025 or even before then. He also noted that other interesting and major cryptocurrency projects like Tron will undoubtedly get into the bull market as well, and Ethereum and XRP won’t be exemptions

He explained that the Tron blockchain provides privacy advantages to users, making it an alternative to iOS and Android operating systems. According to him,

We are just the system builders in the decentralized ecosystem. We have no control over any user data. Privacy is all preserved by users themselves

Justin Sun showed gratitude to Julia Chatterley for the amazing interview, saying that the TRON community appreciates and enjoyed it and hopes for another of such soon.

Several comments also revealed people with like minds, having so much faith in cryptocurrencies to be the money of the future

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Source: Coinfo mania