FBI’s detention of Virgil Griffith has shaken the cryptocurrency community. The technological expert has been charged with aiding North Korea in avoiding US sanctions by using cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Fabio Peitrosanti, an Italian entrepreneur and advocate of transparency and blockchain is ready to offer assistance in clearing the case against him.

The case drafted against him seems misdirected as Virgil did not invent or just discover the use of cryptocurrency to make borderless anonymous payments.

Nevertheless, the officials feel that the fact that he advocated the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain in a sanctioned US country promotes money laundering. Moreover, it also strengthens their technology that could be used in the military as well.

Furthermore, the FBI seems to have found a nail in the coffin in a particular text conversation with an unnamed individual. Apparently, he confirmed the individual’s suspicion related to a few blockchain transactions violating US sanctions.

In his recent tweet, Peitrosanti said he is looking to get in touch with Virgil’s Lawyers and family members to get involved in the preparation of defense for Griffith. He said,

I went in North Korea with Virgil. I am looking for contact with his family or lawyer as i read in the Affidavit a lot of sentences that i feel has been mis-used and mis-interpreted for the arrest warrant. I am willing to provide my testimony to prove his good faith.

Some of the other popular figures in the space are also condemning the case as an overreaction to a harmless thing. The Ethereum research scientist stands to spend up to 20 years in prison if found guilty in court.

How do you think that the case will affect Ethereum and crypto markets? Please share your views with us. 

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