Australia-based company Helio Lending recently announced that it had expanded into San Francisco through a new U.S. office. The company also announced that it had expanded its book of partners to include more crypto loan providers and yield generating platforms.

Helio’s value add includes the ability to work with various loan providers simultaneously to secure same-day quotes on loans with varying LTV and APR, as well as terms. This way, the company can help customers negotiate the best possible terms on their loans.

Helio has the ability to hand off loans to users with a white glove experience in a fast and seamless onboarding process.

On the yield generation front, Helio knows that promotions change every day around interest rates customers can earn for stablecoins and Bitcoin, so the company is able to inform customers around who is offering the highest rates on a weekly if not daily basis and help negotiate higher interest rates on behalf of customers who meet various minimum amount requirements on their deposits.

“We are excited to onboard the next new batch of loan providers and yield generation platforms in crypto to offer our clients the ultimate choice and selection on their cryptocurrencies” said Helio Lending CEO John O’Shea.

Helio is now searching for leading partners on the loan and yield generation side, as well as customers who want to earn a yield on their cryptocurrency or engage in applying for crypto collateralized loans. The company is also now on the search for top companies that may be interested in an exit through acquisition. To start a conversation with Helio, email: [email protected]

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