God Shiba, the new token on the block, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Luna PR, a global PR & Marketing agency specializing in the emerging tech space.

God Shiba is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency domain with the launch of $GSHIB – a decentralized token that rewards holders with lotteries, staking opportunities, and contributions to charity. Partnering with Luna PR will enable God Shiba to build awareness and trust for its token in the international landscape.

God Shiba differentiates itself from other tokens by using a community-focused and decentralized network to build its loyal followers. Its staking opportunities allow users to earn more tokens the longer they maintain their holdings. 0.5% of the transaction amount will be used for the lottery for $GSHIB holders.

A new entrant in the cryptocurrency space, God Shiba aims to launch their private sale on September 11, 2021, and quickly formalize its listings on various token platforms to prepare for its first public sale on September 18, 2021. God Shiba’s partnership with Luna PR will allow expeditious dissemination of its product awareness globally, whilst developing and maintaining brand trust amongst prospect token holders.

“Luna PR is one of the most trusted PR agencies in the crypto space. We strongly believe this partnership will help God Shiba gain the necessary traction globally to achieve our aspirations for 2022”, commented Andy Hooghuis, CEO of God Shiba, on this occasion.

“We truly believe in the success of God Shiba in the crypto space – the community proposition, coupled with social responsibility and charitable contributions will help loyal users to earn more and share back with the less fortunate”, says Nikita Sachdev, founder, and CEO of Luna PR.

This partnership will facilitate greater awareness of God Shiba, simplify the understanding of its tokenomics, and inevitably grow the $GSHIB community. Luna PR looks to employ hybrid brand building, content curation, as well as influencer and endorsement-led strategies, to create the necessary traction needed for God Shiba’s success.

About God Shiba

Founded in 2021, God Shiba has created the first of its kind fully decentralized token with opportunities for all holders to earn more and contribute back to the community via God Shiba’s charity donation programs.

The company has been founded by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts from the Netherlands with a single goal to create a token that helps those in need while rewarding its holders. With veteran marketing officers, content curators, and IT experts, God Shiba is set to expedite the distribution of its 1 billion tokens globally.

About Luna PR

Luna PR is an award-winning full-stack digital marketing agency, empowering businesses to increase awareness and trust in the digital spectrum. With a customized model focused on creating better business relationships between tech companies and brands, Luna PR has become the go-to agency for leading digital asset brands. Luna PR’s operations span over 5 continents, with a specialized service offering to digital asset initiatives in emerging markets.

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