Gifts and Remittances:'s New Tools Allow People to Send BCH via Email

This month launched two services that help facilitate bitcoin cash adoption and crypto remittance via email. In a recent video on June 5,’s Roger Ver showcased, a new feature that allows individuals to send BCH gift cards via email. Additionally, also launched, a tool that provides users with the ability to send money in a number of local currencies by leveraging bitcoin cash. is excited to launch two new features this month that provide more cryptocurrency accessibility on a global scale. Both new features work with email and they both make sending gifts and remittances easy by using the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. On June 5, 2020,’s Roger Ver introduced which gives any individual the ability to send BCH to anyone, anywhere in the world via email.

The basics of using are relatively intuitive and you simply press the “go” tab to create some new gifts. After that, you just need to confirm the recovery seed and begin to build the gift. Essentially this entails setting the amount, the currency, and the email address where you would like to send your gifts.

Gifts and Remittances:'s New Tools Allow People to Send BCH via Email

From here you will be given an invoice so you can pay using your bitcoin cash wallet and the receiver simply needs to check their inbox to claim their gifts. The four-minute Youtube video with Ver offers a visual step-by-step on how to use

The website also shows there have been 2,010 BCH gifts claimed, 386 expired, and 240 unclaimed out of 83.6 BCH at the time of publication.

Not too long after the release of the service, also launched The service provides users with the ability to quickly send BCH payments to any email address. The tool is lightning fast and Ver recently explained in an interview that anyone in any country can leverage the service.

Gifts and Remittances:'s New Tools Allow People to Send BCH via Email

“It doesn’t matter what nationality they are, what country they reside in, or anything else,” Ver explained three days ago. “If they can access email, they can access their Bitcoin Cash. never keeps a copy of the private key.”

Ver also explained that if the transaction is not claimed the sender will get the funds back. “We keep a signed transaction to refund the BCH back to the sender after the specified number of days have elapsed. That way, if the recipient never claims their bitcoin cash, the sender will automatically get it back,” he added.

Similarly to the gifting service, is very easy to use. All you have to do is fill in the destination email address and senders name, add a memo, select the amount to send, select a local currency from a myriad of options, and add your email address to receive notifications (optional).

Lastly, you need to fill out the refund address and choose an expiration date. Simply pay the given amount after all the fields are complete and again the receiver simply needs to check their inbox to claim their bitcoin cash (BCH).

At we’re excited to offer world-class cryptocurrency tools that provide people with ways to promote economic freedom., one of the world’s oldest and most established cryptocurrency innovators with millions of wallet holders worldwide. Our hope is that tools like and will continue to bolster and accelerate bitcoin cash adoption.

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