F2Pool returns about $500,000 in abnormal ETH transaction fee to its sender after encountering the issue on June 11.

F2Pool, a Chinese mining pool that recently mined an Ether (ETH) transaction with an abnormal transaction fee of 2,310 ETH, has returned 90% of the fee to its sender.

Announcing the news on June 18, F2Pool said that the MiningPoolHub, the original owner of the address behind the transaction, has received back 2,079 ETH, or about $480,000. The mining pool specified the transaction ID showing that F2Pool has returned the amount to its original owner.

In order to complete the reimbursement transaction, the original address holder had to sign the new address using the private key of the original address. This is because the original address is now controlled by a hacker, F2Pool noted.

F2Pool wrote:

“Out of our humanitarian spirit, F2Pool has decided to return the transaction fee component of the transaction. It’s not feasible to return the fee back to the original sender address as the address is also now controlled by the hacker. Therefore, we agreed to send the fee to a new address provided by the original address owner after full verification of the address and owner.”

According to the statement from F2Pool, the rest 10% of the transaction fee, or 231 ETH ($53,000) will be distributed to miners. The amount will be used as compensation for zero-fee ETH mining during a seven day period from June 20 to June 26.

Source: cointelegraph