JK Rowling wants to know more about Bitcoin

Today turned out to be a special day for crypto community as famous ex-billionaire author JK Rowling tweeted about her interest in Bitcoin and asked the twitter community to explain bitcoin to her. For Leigh Cuen, reporter at Coindesk it was a special day as JK rowling responded to her tweet about potential bull signal for Bitcoin. 

“Explain Bitcoin To Me”, Crypto Community Goes Gaga Over Billionaire Authors Request

The event took place when Leigh Cuen, reporter at Coindesk tweeted about a bullish signal about a renowned novelist who is interested in Bitcoin. As many crypto enthusiasts starting speculating the name of the author, JK Rowling was most guessed name.

To Leigh Cuen’s surprise JK Rowling did respond back to her tweet and asked crypto community to explain Bitcoin to her as the concept is pretty knew to her and she did not understand Bitcoin.

Since, JK Rowling’s tweet the crypto community has went Gaga with big names like Vitalik Buterin [co-founder, Ethereum] taking a shot to explain Bitcoin to the famous author. The crypto twitter is going wild over the author’s interest in Bitcoin and so far her tweet has already received 1.3k retweets already.

Though this event might not lead to any kind of price action in Bitcoin but big names like JK Rowling taking a sneak peek at the decentralized digital currency will boost its publicity among mainstream media.

Take your chance and try explaining JK Rowling Bitcoin.

Original Source: Coin GApe Ex-Billionaire Author & Harry Potter Fame JK Rowling Wants To Know More About Bitcoin