The Bitcoin and Ethereum peer-to-peer trading platform, LocalCryptos, today announced that Litecoin trading is now live on its exchange.

LocalCryptos users will be able to buy and sell Litecoin (LTC) with zero fees until July 18 as a way of “celebrating” the listing of “digital silver.”

LocalCryptos, formerly known as LocalEthereum before it rebranded late last year, is currently the tenth-largest exchange running on Ethereum. It added support for Bitcoin when it changed its name in November and now is expanding its offerings even more.

In mid-February, the exchange put its next move up for a community vote, allowing its users to determine which coin it would list next: Dash, EOS, or Litecoin—with LTC coming out on top.

Lucky for LocalCryptos, the similarities between Bitcoin and Litecoin make adding to its platform as easy transition: “Because Bitcoin and Litecoin are so similar, we can port our non-custodial BTC escrow script to Litecoin without any major changes,” the firm explained in an email to users. “LTC escrows on LocalCryptos will be on-chain P2SH transactions.”

In other words, LTC users won’t have to worry about any pesky centralization. Their Litecoin wallets on LocalCryptos will be self-custodial and SegWit-enabled. “Your keys-your coins,” the exchange assured.

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Source: decrypt