The Twitter accounts for a large number of famous influencers have been hacked, offering a run-of-the-mill Bitcoin scam. The hacks appear to be related to a hacked posting service. 

Most of the hacks contain offers for a scam dubbed CryptoforHealth, and purport to offer respondents 5,000BTC as a giveaway. 

The list of hacked accounts includes some of the largest account holders in the crypto Twitter space. Here are some notable mentions: @binance, @cz_binance, @kucoincom, @Gemini, @justinsuntron, and @CoinDesk, among others. Most notably, perhaps, @Bitcoin was hacked as well. 

Source: Twitter

Even Ripple’s real account provided an easy target for the hackers, with a similar offering posted. 

Source: Twitter

The hack extends beyond just crypto Twitter. Famous car manufacturer Elon Musk saw his account hacked, offering double returns for anyone willing to part ways with their BTC. 

Source: Twitter

Twitter Founder, Jack Dorsey, also had his CashApp venture captured. The Twitterverse is on fire with statements surrounding the hacked accounts, warning users to beware. One savvy BIC employee observed the growing number of scammed funds:

Twitter Scam
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