NFT powerhouse Dapper Labs has acquired the influencer platform Brud and is launching a new business dubbed “Dapper Collective” that will focus on helping communities build decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs) via its Flow blockchain.No terms were disclosed but the compensation was all equity-based, according to Dapper, the company behind the popular NBA Top Shots NFT marketplace.The Dapper Collective unit will be led by the CEO of Brud, Trevor McFredies.Brud is a well known start-up behind the fictional virtual celebrity Lil Miquela, as well as social DAO Friends with Benefits, whose token has a market cap of almost $77 million.McFredies and his team will work with original IP and online platforms to introduce ways to transition creators and users into owners, giving them greater ability to influence and share their stories with the world, according to Dapper.“We believe decentralization of these communities through DAOs really strengthens the content that they will produce,” Amanda Schwartz, VP operations and strategy at Dapper Labs, told CoinDesk.Schwartz added that McFredies and his team will develop a strategy and roadmap for “developing tools we will offer to creators’ platforms of all kinds within the Flow ecosystem.”Read more: Dapper Labs Is Bringing Its NFTs to the NFLAdditional reporting by Nelson Wang
Original Source: coindesk Dapper Labs Acquires Influencer Platform Brud, Launches Unit Focusing on DAOs