Harry Potter’s author, JK Rowling, set the crypto Twitter community ablaze in the past 48 hours interacting with Bitcoiners in a bid to understand the coin. While others saw this as a gateway to non-Bitcoiners to enter into a rabbit hole and find the advantages related to the “billionaire fantasy money” – Elon Musk also chipping in the discussion -, the move was heavily criticized by some sections of the community.

However, one of crypto’s own lead and billionaire, Binance CEO, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, is facing heavy criticism on a tweet responding to JK Rowling’s “What is Bitcoin question?” Some of the top influencers have come forward directly claiming the absurdity of the now-deleted tweet some claiming the reply was both “cringe and clumsy” from a leading figure in the space.

CZ Binance: “I Will Personally Teach You To Buy Bitcoin”

As the night went on, the replies on JK Rowling’s tweet became funnier and in some way confusing. Moments ago, CZ found a perfect moment to market his platform, offering to teach the billionaire writer to buy Bitcoin through the Binance website.

“@jk_rowling I will personally teach you how to buy bitcoin on @binance using GBP.” – CZ on Twitter.

While shilling the largest cryptocurrency exchange came as no surprise to the community, his following statements irked parts of the community as clumsy. In what can be viewed as a subtweet to Tron Foundation CEO, Justin Tron’s offer of 1 BTC to JK Rowling, CZ, the now-deleted tweet read,

CZ has since been caught in the crossfire with the Bitcoin community facing heavy criticism given the leading role he plays in Bitcoin’s overall adoption. One of the top replies include:

Bitcoiner’s Vs No-Coiners?

CZ however has been at the forefront in pushing for adoption of Bitcoin across the globe (and his tweets). Moreover, Binance is providing fiat onramps for users in places where the consumers couldn’t purchase crypto. However, the latest approach taken by some of the community and its top influencers in trying to sell BTC to JK Rowling maybe is just wrong. One analyst responded.

The recent pitches on Bitcoin to JK Rowling opened up a few deficiencies in the overall rift between the Bitcoiner’s and no-coiners. According to the crypto analyst, Qiao Wang, Bitcoin’s systematic build should not be the key pitching point in onboarding users onto the platform but the skyrocketing growth that BTC has experienced over the past decade.

He tweeted,

The question remains, how is the best way to pitch Bitcoin to a newcomer in the field? Should you pitch or let them discover the magic of Bitcoin on their own?

Original Source: Coin GApe Cryptobuzz: Who Made The Worst Bitcoin Pitch To J.K. Rowling?