Leading US cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase has partnered with DustAid to create a solution that will allow customers to donate cryptocurrencies to charity organizations this Christmas, according to a blog post from the exchange. 

Coinbase’ customers in the United Kingdom, via the partnership, will be able to donate cryptos to three charities: The Little Edi Foundation, Space for Giants, and NSPCC, the children’s charity that protects young people from abuse in the UK.

“Raising funds via cryptocurrency highlights how the NSPCC is continually exploring new ways to enable people to donate to the charity and contribute to our fight for every childhood,” the NSPCC Lead Digital Producer, Louise Corden explained.

The Little Edi Foundation project aims to help “forgotten children” living in poverty, by educating them, offering Christmas presents and food as well as. The organization believes that “every child deserves a future. Every child deserves an education.”

Space for Giants, meanwhile, is an international conservation Institution that protects the great wildlife landscapes for Africa’s remaining elephants. It aims to establish peaceful coexistence between elephants and their environment. 

To facilitate the donations, DustAid will be Integrating Coinbase Commerce, a platform that enables merchants to receive payments in digital currencies in a decentralized manner, to promote these donations.

Duncan Murray, the Managing Director of DustAid, noted that he believes blockchain technology could become a great tool in making positive impacts on people around the world. “We are really grateful for the backing we have received from DustAid and Coinbase, and we now hope that users of cryptocurrency go to their platforms to make a festive donation to Childline.”

In September, the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China revealed plans to adopt blockchain technology in order to track public donations made to charity in the country by 2020.

Source: Coinfo mania