China is looking into the use of blockchain technology to promote data sharing among medical institutions amid future pandemics.

Chinese authorities are trying to strengthen their epidemic preparedness and have identified blockchain as a key component of the response. 

The Chinese Circular of the National Health Commission released its plan on June 30 on how to ramp up its information technology support amid future pandemics. One component of the strategy is the use of blockchain technology for enhancing data sharing among medical institutions.

Data sharing is key 

The Commission is urging local health departments to promote data sharing and collaboration between online hospitals and physical medical institutions. It says that Blockchain technology should be implemented to achieve the safe flow, and authorized access, of patients medical data:

“Local health departments should promote the data docking between ‘internet hospitals’ and regional information platforms and medical institutions at all levels, connect online and offline service links, and provide patients with whole process continuous services covering pre diagnosis, during diagnosis and after diagnosis.” 

Government information sharing 

According to the announcement, other measures will be taken too, to promote the application of electronic certification of medical institutions, doctors and nurses.

These electronic certificates should be integrated with government service platforms to improve government services, the plan states. 

As Cointelegraph reported previously, Chinese local government had launched its first blockchain platform for providing government services.

Source: cointelegraph