Breaking: Goldman Sachs Includes Bitcoin Alongside Gold In Client Call

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Goldman Sachs may be re-examining their view of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Today, May 27, 2020, the multi-billion dollar Wall Street investment bank will hold a client call with a view of discussing how the current monetary policies affects gold, inflation, and Bitcoin.

Although not explicit, this conference call could be an opportunity for the bank’s clients to learn more about Bitcoin, the most valuable and popular cryptocurrency.

Goldman Sachs Client Call–Details

The call is titled the US Economic Outlook & Implications of Current Policies for Inflation, Gold and Bitcoin and will be conducted by the Investment Strategy Group which is part of the behemoth’s Consumer and Investment Management Division.

It will be hosted by the firm’s head of Investment Strategy Group and Chief Investment Officer for Wealth Management, Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani, the officer responsible for conceiving strategy in tactical investing.

She will be joined by Jan Hatzius, a Lawrence R. Klein Award winner, and Jason Furman, both of who are economists.

Gold and Bitcoin In Focus

That Bitcoin is finally mentioned in the same league as gold—a physical asset considered by the mainstream as a bona fide store of value, is a relieving a reinforce hopes that the world’s most valuable coin may be ready for integration by institutional grade investors.

Crypto and Bitcoin has long been held with derision and even contempt by Wall Street. From being labeled as fraud and Rat Poison, the network continues to strive even without their explicit participation.

Their entry is subject to many factors chief amongst them being the formulation of fitting regulations to stamp out claims of manipulation (in mega levels), streamline pricing, and incorporate monitoring systems.

Once these are setup, Jay Clayton, the chairman of the US SEC, said the commission might approve any of the eight Bitcoin ETF proposal allowing institutions to invest in Bitcoin or its derivatives like cash or physically settled Bitcoin Futures.

Institutions and Billionaires Flock to Bitcoin

At the backdrop of this call will be interesting development from institutional investors. Not only has the billionaire investor, Paul Tudor Jones invested two percent of his multi-billion hedge fund’s asset under management but JP Morgan Chase has accepted Gemini and Coinbase as their banking clients.

More data streams from Grayscale Investments show that institutions are funneling their capital to Bitcoin by purchasing the firm’s Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).

In the face of FED and ECB money printing, Bitcoin complements gold as a digital alternative that stores value and can be concurrently used a medium of exchange.

Original Source: Coin GApe Breaking: Goldman Sachs Includes Bitcoin Alongside Gold In Client Call