Bityard Cryptocurrency Exchange Makes Trading Complex Contracts Simple

Bityard is a digital assets trading platform focused on offering fast, easy and safe contracts trading. The Singapore-headquartered exchange is regulated and licensed in multiple leading markets around the world. An emphasis on simplicity and accessibility makes Bityard ideal for anyone looking to enter the derivatives market.

Complex Trading Made Simple

Contracts trading is hugely popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts but can be a very confusing task for newcomers and experts a like. Experienced traders will tell you that the high leverage enabled by contracts trading offers incredible opportunities to make a profit, even when the cryptocurrency market is going down, but this power also requires you won’t make any unnecessary mistakes due to messy interfaces. Bityard is an exchange launched in April 2020 to help new traders with this by offering a powerful but simplified trading experience. Open a demo or a live Bityard account with as little as 5 USDT at this link ( to try it out for yourself and see how simple complex trading can be.

Unlike most contracts exchanges that have hard to navigate systems that requires users to be familiar with so many different little features, Bityard’s online interface and mobile apps were designed to be friendly to everyone. This can also be seen in the way it handles registration, taking only about 30 seconds to open a new account using just an email or a phone number.

Bityard Cryptocurrency Exchange Makes Trading Complex Contracts Simple

A side by side comparison to Bitmex shows how simplified trading on Bityard really is. No need to navigate complicated drop down menus full of complex jargon or click on any tiny boxes on your phone screen. Depositing your first funds is also made much easier as Bityard accepts 7 types of digital assets, more than any other mainstream contracts exchange, and even fiat currencies including the Chinese Renminbi and the Vietnamese Dong.

Bityard Offers Many More Advantages

In addition to its focus on simplicity of trading, Bityard offers many other advantages for new contracts traders. First and foremost Bityard is a name you can trust. The company is headquartered in Singapore, one of the top regulated global financial centers, and from there it offers services in more than 150 countries. Bityard is also regulated and licensed under different government agencies in Singapore, USA, Europe and Australia. And it takes the security of your funds seriously, employing multiple safety measures such as 2 factor authentication, anonymous trades, multiple offline signatures, cold storage, real-time risk audits, full refund warranty and more.

Bityard also offers additional ways for you to profit from the platform, on top of trading. Using an affiliate system you can become a business partner of the exchange, earning up to 60% of commissions on all trading fees generated by people you helped introduce to Bityard. The affiliate system is easy to use and transparent, and you can make your affiliate links stand out to your friends with images from Bityard’s brand ambassador Buakaw Banchamek, the Muai Thai kickboxing champion. An extra way to make money on the platform is receiving BYD, an exchange coin issued by Bityard which plays an important role in the ecosystem. BYD will be listed on mainstream exchanges in the future, and has the potential to grow in value the same as BNB has done in the past.

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