VeChain enthusiasts finally have another major exchange to trade VeThor Token (VTHO),  following a new partnership between the Singapore-based exchange, and VeChain backed investment incubator, CREAMethod.

The new partnership will see BitTrue list VeThor token, the native cryptocurrency used to pay for transactions on the VeChain Thor network, and also support X node holders to enjoy exclusive benefits on Bitrue, among additional services for the community.

Bitrue which also offers an extensive list of XRP-based pairs revealed it noticed a parallel between the XRP and VeChain community since both projects focused on “enterprise use cases [that] will pave the way towards the mass adoption of blockchain technology leap.”

Commenting in that regard, Curis Wang, CEO of Bitrue said in the release:

Enterprise and business use cases will drive mass adoption of blockchain and we’re glad we can play a role in accelerating this process. Bitrue pledges to work in the best interests of both CREAM and VeChain, whilst simultaneously enhancing our bespoke trading products to effectively serve both current and new customers alike

When Will VTHO Be Listed on More Exchanges?

Evidently, the new listing of VTHO on Bitrue means one more popular exchange enabling support for the VeChain Thor token which until now has been only seven exchanges according to data from Coincodex.

VeChain CEO, Sunny Lu had recently fielded questions regarding why many exchanges are yet to list VTHO despite the token’s increasing use case.

As Coinfomania, noted then, Sunny Lu cited low transactions as a possible reason why the token isn’t widely listed yet. He also suggested that as soon as more business applications are on VeChain Thor, then there will be more demand for VTHO, perhaps luring more “exchanges to look at the significance of the trading volume, and consider listing it.”

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Source: Coinfo mania