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Bitcoin bulls appear to be back. To quantify how impressive BTC performance has been in the last 24 hours, the coin is up 8%, pushing year-to-date gains by 90%. In the daily chart, the result is a double-bar bullish reversal pattern that reversed Dec 17 losses.

Is Bitcoin Breaking Away from Bears?

Bitcoin BTC
Bitcoin BTC Market Performance

Dec 18 snap back to H1 2019 trend and BTC bulls breaking away from the grip of bears is monumental. From the chart, prices are bouncing back from November 2019 lows. From technical analysis, it was vital for bulls to flow back and shore prices that were dangling, and on a verge of a capitulation.

Bitcoin BTC
Bitcoin BTC Daily chart for Dec 19

Evidently, bears still have the upper hand. In the daily chart, BTC is still treading within a bearish breakout pattern and this condition will be nullified only if prices edge past $7,900-$8,000 resistance mark.

Ideally, despite today’s spring, accompanying volumes that would lift BTC price above this liquidation level should be above average trading volumes (preferably) exceeding Nov 22’s volumes.

Dec 18 BTC bulls must be confirmed for Reversal

For now, it is imperative that yesterday’s stellar rejection of lower prices below $6,000 is confirmed and trading volumes increase. Of note-and this is a positive indicator and could set the tone in the immediate term, yesterday’s bull bar had above-average trading volumes. It’s a mark of bulls since prices surged following the uptick.

The confirmation of yesterday’s bulls will confirm the double-bottoms that were first printed on Nov23-25. Notably, before prices broke and halved to $3,200 in 2018, prices trading at the $6,000 mark for an extended period of time before carving in, testing the nerve of bulls and pushing weak miners out of business.

An analyst took note, saying:

“I think Bitcoin is saying it doesn’t like the $6K level anymore. 2nd time in 2 months we’re bouncing back over $7K.  The $6K level was the most traded level in 2018. It’s going to be interesting how the price action goes forward from here. It is really a good chance to buy.”

Therefore, while aggressive traders can jump in and accumulate, risk-averse or conservative type trades can wait for a clear breakout above $7,900-$8,000 resistance zone before loading pullbacks while aiming at $9,500.

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