Bill Gates’s official account has tweeted a Bitcoin scam to his 51.5 million followers, which has since been deleted. The tweet is a common scam that encourages users to send Bitcoin to an account—when they won’t get sent anything back.

Bill Gates suffers Bitcoin scam
This is a scam tweet, do not give any money to it. Image: Twitter.

His tweet comes just moments after Elon Musk’s account was hacked. Musk’s account made a very similar tweet pointed users to the same Bitcoin address. That address has since received 5.8 Bitcoin ($54,000) from victims of the attack.

Elon Musk’s official account then replied to Bill Gates, calling him his brother. This fake endorsement was likely to convince more people that the scam was genuine.

Bill Gates has account hacked
Elon Musk’s official account replies to Bill Gates. Image: Shutterstock.

This is part of a wide attack on Twitter going on. So far, accounts of major crypto exchanges have been hacked, including Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, KuCoin and Bitfinex. Litecoin founder Charlie Lee and Tron CEO Justin Sun have also tweeted the same scam, which encourages users to go to a fake website.

Uber and Apple’s official Twitter accounts have also posted the same scam in the last few minutes.

Uber and Apple join in
Uber and Apple have also posted the scam. Image: Twitter.

It is unclear how so many Twitter accounts have been compromised. Andreas Antonopoulos tweeted, “It seems like some Twitter API posting service has been compromised and being used to send out fake “giveaway” tweets from popular crypto/blockchain accounts. “CryptoForHealth” is a scam.”

If only Twitter’s official account could tweet and let us know what’s going on.

Source: decrypt