Aurum has announced the launch of the Aurum Wallet alongside an upgrade of its smart contract.  

Aurum will launch the Aurum Wallet and deploy its new Smart Contract on Friday, October 1, 2021. Aurum recently resubmitted their latest wallet built on the Google web store for testing of the phase 1 beta version and recently passed its full smart contract by Solidity Finance on September 29, 2021.

The Aurum wallet launch marks an important milestone within the Aurum roadmap, with the secure and sleek wallet being the core utility product in its vast ecosystem. 

Aurum wallet will begin hosting Binance Smart Chain tokens and eventually offer multi-chain capabilities packed with all the necessary investment tools without the need to connect to external sites.

Earlier this week, Aurum announced that Chainlink would be collaborating with them in the development of the Aurum wallet, offering their tamper-proof, accurate Price Feeds to ensure live portfolio value and token value was of the highest quality. 

In addition to the Aurum wallet launch, the upgrade of their Smart Contract has been highly anticipated. According to the new updates, there will be a one billion token supply instead of one quadrillion token supply.

Moreover, the transaction tax is reduced from 15% buy and 16.8% sell tax to 10% each with dynamic adjustability according to market conditions and project requirements. The smart contract upgrade also boasts greater efficiency, reducing the gas fees to optimize the innovative AUR rewards system.

About Aurum

Aurum ($AUR) aims to be the gold standard of rewards tokens and BSC security.

Boasting a powerful and innovative rewards system, Aurum holders have the freedom to select any BEP-20 token as an automatically redistributed reward straight to their wallet, increasing the ease and convenience of portfolio diversification without the need for additional capital. 

In terms of utility, the Aurum Secure Wallet, now powered by Chainlink for BSC tokens, aims to collate all the vital tools both new and experienced investors will need in one sleek, safe, and convenient app, offering live and accurate price feeds and portfolio value, inbuilt swap, NFT minting and much more. 

To learn more about Aurum, visit the website.
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