The next big thing in DeFi governance is out in the wild—sort of, and a little sooner than the team at Curve Finance initially planned.

At 2:25pm ET, an anonymous DeFi user tweeted that he had deployed the open source CRV token and CurveDAO contracts on the Ethereum mainnet. After a couple hours reviewing the code to check for changes or inserted exploits, the CRV team confirmed the contracts as authentic.

Doesn’t get much more “decentralized” than that.

“I think it’s kinda cool personally,” said Curve’s project lead Charlie on the team’s Discord channel. 

Nevertheless, this still doesn’t mean the token has launched—not officially anyway.

“It would appear someone has deployed the Curve DAO without altering it. CRV has not launched,” wrote Curve’s project lead in the chat. “Please wait until due diligence is complete, nothing is confirmed. Do not post contract addresses until everything has been looked into.”

Whoo boy.

And in case you were wondering, it took 19.9 ETH (around $8,000) for the unknown dev to deploy the contract.

Source: decrypt