Alt-Right Activist Stefan Molyneux Banned from Youtube, Raises $100K in Crypto Donations

The founder of Freedomain, philosopher and alt-right activist, Stefan Molyneux, received more than $100,000 in cryptocurrency donations after he was banned from Youtube on June 29, 2020.

Stefan Molyneux is well known for his Youtube videos, podcasts, and books. His early Youtube videos describing the benefits of bitcoin have been lauded. While getting over $100k in bitcoin, dash, bitcoin cash, and ethereum donations this week, the alt-right activist has also joined the Lbry platform.

On June 29, Molyneux was banned from Youtube. Molyneux joins a number of popular alt-right activists, libertarians, and cryptocurrency advocates who have been banned from the platform. Just recently,’s official Youtube channel was banned but luckily it was reinstated.

Many cryptocurrency advocates abhor censorship and when Molyneux was banned the cryptocurrency community added $100k to his donation chest of coins.

At the website, crypto supporters can find the coin addresses of all the crypto assets Molyneux website accepts. This includes bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), dash (DASH), ethereum (ETH), and a few others.

A great majority of the funds donated to Molyneux stemmed from bitcoin cash (BCH) donations. There is approximately 444 BCH ($99,500) in Molyneux’s bitcoin cash address, and 3.82 BTC ($35,000) in the Freedomain bitcoin (BTC) wallet.

Looking at the block explorers of all six coins Molyneux accepts minus monero (XMR), people can see a flurry of small donations were sent after Molyneux was banned. After the Youtube ban, Molyneux did join and he has 6,819 followers to-date.

The Freedomain podcaster also asked for crypto donations last January and a number of crypto enthusiasts asked him to support more coins.

“I have been demonetized on YouTube, but you can support me here, much appreciated my friend,” Molyneux wrote at the time. Molyneux was also a big influence on the voluntaryist and libertarian communities early in his career.

During the latter half of his career, many libertarians lost interest in Molyneux for his pro-Trump and alt-right activism. Molyneux has written 10 books that have gathered 600 million downloads, and he has also hosted 4,500 podcasts as well.

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