After Goldman Sachs, a Swiss Securities Firm Invests to Draw Institutional Grade Investors to Bitcoin


The operator of the Swiss securities exchange, the SIX group, is leading a $14 million Series A funding for a 12 percent stake in Omniex, a San Francisco-based provider of trading infrastructure suitable for institutional grade investors.

Although this will be the second time the group is announcing their interest in Omniex, this time other investors including Sierra Capital, Jump Capital, and Wicklow Capital will join them. The valuation of Omniex has not been divulged, but they received a $10 million investment during their seed round.

Omniex readying for institutions to participate in crypto

Specifically, Omniex is a complete solution enabling institutions to trade digital assets. They have purposefully built a trading platform that meets and resolves the regulatory, security, liquidity, and technology challenges faced by institutions keen on investing on the emerging asset class.

Cryptocurrencies are largely unregulated and its distributed nature means they deep-pocked investors can’t right-away delve in due to compliance issues.

Hu Liang, the co-founder and CEO of Omniex said:

“Going after the institutional space differs greatly from going after the retail market where you can create a lot of things that hadn’t been done yet and be able to get to the client easily. Here, we’ve always said that we need to build a platform that looks and feels familiar to institutional investors, and we will continue to put that infrastructure in place to reduce the fragmentation.”

The deal is significant in crypto and blockchain circles. Because SIX isn’t just building a partnership with Omniex but investing in the platform to foster the adoption of digital assets, the SIX group will also leverage Omniex’s solutions as they connect to useful private banking customers.

SIX’s Decentralized Exchange to leverage Omniex’s Solutions

Omniex will provide SIX and its decentralized exchange, SDX, which is scheduled to launch this year with a gateway to their approved digital currency exchanges like Coinbase Pro and Binance, and over-the-counter market makers.

Convenient, the solution does away with multiple screens as they aggregate asset pools making it easier for investors to track the performance of their positions.

The SIX group has also invested in Daura, a Swiss company geared on tokenizing stocks and other traditional financial assets

Bitcoin on Focus

High Net-worth investors and institutions, despite Goldman Sachs comments, are re-examining their positions and are interested in cryptocurrencies. Assigning a small portion of Bitcoin in a portfolio can significant affect performance for the better.

Recently, Paul Tudor Jones said he shall allocate two percent of his hedge fund’s vast resources to Bitcoin.

Original Source: Coin GApe After Goldman Sachs, a Swiss Securities Firm Invests to Draw Institutional Grade Investors to Bitcoin