About 78 former and present employees of Israeli-based CX Technologies Ltd., issued a bankruptcy petition to an Israeli court to close the firm, as they were denied salaries for two months, according to a report by Times of Israel on Monday.

Some of the employees noted that they had not received benefits for even longer, saying the company no longer has any money left in its bank accounts. 

Due to the development, they pushed forward to lay petitions against CX Technologies Ltd., the company behind the cryptocurrency exchange DX.Exchange, which further revealed claims relating to the company.

According to the petition reportedly filed on Oct. 24, CX Technologies is the aftercomer of the SpotOption, a company raided by the FBI, following suspicions that it played a part in Israel’s multibillion-dollar binary options scam, in January 2018.

CX Technologies and SpotOption operated from the same office, and most of the 55 employees of  CX Technologies were former employees of SpotOption. 

A typical example as per the filing is Miriam Mileikowsky, a relative of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who worked as a senior employee of both SpotOption and CX Technologies three years ago. 

Also, employees’ pension plans and other funds were usually transferred from SpotOption to the new company, clearly indicating there was a link between both firms. 

The employee also detailed that the company has been sued several times by suppliers in the country for the past six years, for not paying their bills, before it earlier this month that DX Exchange was winding up.

DX.Exchange as Coinfomania reported following the temporary halt said that it was seeking a sale or merger, and would go offline permanently if not deal was forthcoming.

Source: Coinfo mania